Letra de Música 55 23 de Winter Solstice

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One day at a time
You count your blessings
Then continue to court mine
So cautious you are yet you throw yourself into the gears with ease
I’ve fallen into an ocean of deceit
And you’re holding onto the last life vest
With your back to the tides of terror tonight
One arm at a time
Struggling to set your self free
When chin deep in your lies
Traveling down denial
You’ve lost your paddle in the commotion of emptiness
You sit distraught and numb
Eyes rolling back into an infinite darkness
I will carry you and your gloom
Home sweet home
Hold my hand and let yourself go

*** By NiCk ***

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Ficha Musical 55 23

Número de Palabras 117
Número de Letras 627
IntérpreteWinter Solstice

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