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Today I think of my life I think
I was blind all of the time, and I don't and I don't know why
How they broke my heart and let me dry and cry and cry and put me down in a gentle way
How interesting was to know that you followed me all the time
I ignored you, ignored you without knowing

When i decided I'm done you see in my eyes all the pain and sorrow because
All this time i had let myself

It was you, I knew it was you, carrying me that night,
Because my feeling can't deny
It was you surrounding all around (all the time),
How wonderful you are, unforgettable in my life, you are

You make start again, you make me feel so good, my will is forever in your hands
Looking where I am today, I realize you put me high, and bring me back, bring me back to life


I need to learn about you, don't ever go, away from me
Your intervention paid and made us free
Now nothing's gonna stop me, you fix whatever's wrong,
More to be angels, they will see


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