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  1. 1. Vacation Bible School
    Sometimes I wonder if you still wanna fuck me Like you said on Aim In '08 (totally!) Bible study, we were buddy-buddy Then you said that we should fornicate (like, yeah!) In my gross Ugg boots, in your scene-king suit Let your white studded belt hit the ground And...
  2. 2. A Little Bit Famous
    [Verse 1] Wake up, turn around and notice me Right here, come and take a dose of me Let me dust myself off So I can look just perfect for you, ooh Oh, how'd you do? Quick, get out your cameras I'm walking over here I got you hooked on every moment I fix...
  3. 3. Hands Up Remix
    Hi, baby (aw) Yeah I like that (mmm)Hi!, Ayesha Nice to meet ya 6 double 0 for a beat and a feature Rocking my juicy baby tee I'm the raunchy motherfucker you pay to see I got lip gloss, glitter tits On the street corner just shakin' my shit I...
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