FoxWiki: Letras de Músicas

Las letras de las canciones son grandes fuentes de inspiración. Nos permiten expresar sentimientos, pensamientos y experiencias que muchos de nosotros no podríamos expresar de otra manera. Las letras de las canciones nos ayudan a expresar nuestras emociones, ya que son la forma de comunicación más poderosa.

  1. 1. Watcher | Winter Solstice
    The stubble on my face engraves my lack of compassion I’m counting the grass blades to pass the time Queen-sized comfort awaits my tired eyes Remember me? I’m your satire’s locksmith You referred to the way of the sword as hope Despite the blade in your back Two days pass...
  2. 2. To The Nines | Winter Solstice
    Staring at a tree split in two Asking yourself if you can mend it’s natural bane Perseverance falls to the floor shattering into a million pieces Categorizing failures rigorously You conserve light by staring with your eyes closed Sitting there with that failed look upon your lips What happened to...
  3. 3. The Hampton Roads 4th Annual Parade Of The Blind | Winter Solstice
    even your martyr wears his best suit to this affair logical reasoning is something you should shoot for i'll aim for the sky myself soaring above our city your heart loses its balance and plummets to this earth now i walk in circles flipping through old photographs i've been...
  4. 4. Thats The Way You Debate | Winter Solstice
    the stubble on my face engraves my lack of compassion i'm counting grass blades to pass the time queen-sized comfort awaits my tired eyes remember me? i'm your satire's locksmith you referred to the way of the sword as hope despite the blade in your back two days...
  5. 5. Malice In Wonderland | Winter Solstice
    this dream i'm living will never end when i attempted to place your abominations into words you fled with disgust lions weep at the sight of their own weakness the day's darkness overwhelms our spirits i'm still fortunate enough to know someone like you the waves remain placid...
  6. 6. Laeroport | Winter Solstice
    poetry written in a tongue that only you and i can read we forget the world with one prolonged embrace marching to the beat of a near end song your crystal facade cracks quietly with the legend of the mantis still fresh in my mind i continue trying...
  7. 7. Following Caligula | Winter Solstice
    Frantically running through the catacombs of peril So far from hollow A nightmare interpreted into something so beautiful Flooding your senses like tsunami of light Inferiority races through your veins Monumental photographic memory Converted into self-inflicted amnesia The flowers grow in a perfect circle Displaying harmony and content As you...
  8. 8. Courtesy Bow | Winter Solstice
    Your life painted before you Stolen by the most uneducated of thieves Her smile’s intoxicating So let me make a toast to revival I have enough on my chest to write a novel And that’s where it will stay until your ears are open for business So I can’t sell...
  9. 9. Calibrate The Virus | Winter Solstice
    Calibrate the virus Fold down the edges and call openness fatalistic Count to ten; close your eyes Carrying your dismay by the buckets full Dumping them into a river of fortune Up stream lies gratification Swim with the current Bottle your plague and drink it slowly *** By NiCk...
  10. 10. 55 23 | Winter Solstice
    One day at a time You count your blessings Then continue to court mine So cautious you are yet you throw yourself into the gears with ease I’ve fallen into an ocean of deceit And you’re holding onto the last life vest With your back to the tides of terror...
  • LALA - Myke Towers
  • Es Un Secreto - Plan B
  • LA INOCENTE (ft. Feid) - Mora
  • Hey Mor (ft. Feid) - Ozuna
  • TQG (ft. Shakira) - KAROL G
  • MOJABI GHOST (ft. Bad Bunny) - Tainy
  • QLONA (ft. Peso Pluma) - KAROL G
  • Escapate Conmigo (Remix) - Wolfine
  • Amor Vuelve (En Vivo) (ft. Eddy Herrera) - Grupo 5
  • El Merengue (ft. Manuel Turizo) - Marshmello
  • Like Crazy - Jimin
  • Me Rehuso - Danny Ocean
  • Me Porto Bonito (ft. Chencho Corleone) - Bad Bunny
  • Seven (Explicit Ver.) (ft. Latto) - JUNG KOOK
  • Si No Estas - Inigo Quintero
  • La Bebe (Remix) (ft. Peso Pluma) - Yng Lvcas
  • Yandel 150 (ft. Feid) - Yandel
  • Fragil (ft. Grupo Frontera) - Yahritza Y Su Esencia
  • Rara Vez (ft. Milo j) - Taiu
  • El Cielo (ft. Feid, Myke Towers) - Sky
  • El Jefe (ft. Fuerza Regida) - Shakira
  • Bella (ft. Kimera) - Danico el Unico
  • como dormiste - Rels B
  • PUNTO G - Quevedo
  • Columbia - Quevedo
  • Dejala Que Vuelva (ft. Manuel Turizo) - Piso 21
  • La Triple M - Mawell
  • La Bachata - Manuel Turizo
  • Segun Quien (ft. Carin Leon) - Maluma
  • Los del Espacio (ft. Tiago PZK, Maria Becerra, Duki, Emilia, Rusherking, Big One, FMK) - LIT killah
  • Pobre Corazon (En Vivo) (ft. Onda Sabanera) - Ke personajes
  • 3D (ft. Jack Harlow) - JUNG KOOK
  • Holanda - Jhayco
  • un x100to (ft. Bad Bunny) - Grupo Frontera
  • OJITOS ROJOS (ft. Ke personajes) - Grupo Frontera
  • Normal - Feid
  • Feliz Cumpleanos Ferxxo - Feid
  • Classy 101 (ft. Young Miko) - Feid
  • BUBALU (ft. Rema) - Feid
  • Primera Cita - Carin Leon
  • Corazon Roto (Remix) (ft. Jhayco, Ryan Castro) - Brray
  • Un Finde - CROSSOVER 2 (ft. FMK, Ke personajes) - Big One
  • Chulo pt.2 - Bad Gyal
  • Fica Amor - Washington Brasileiro
  • Pi Po Po Po Ro Po (Remix) - Pedrinha Moraes
  • Amanece (ft. Haze) - Anuel AA